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"Hand Malted, Applewood aged."

Combines the best of the grand tradition of single malt whisky with creative and unique innovations for aging and flavoring that result in a special spirit that has no peer. (See tasting notes.)

At Copper Fox Distillery, we are the only distillery in North America to hand malt our own barley, and the only distillery on the planet to use apple and cherry wood smoke to flavor the malted barley. Our single batch copper potstill produces one barrel at a time and the spirit is non-chill filtered to preserve the complete flavor and essence of the barley grain.



VirGin honors the Copper Fox tradition of utilizing locally grown grain. Our spirit is hand-crafted from 100% malted barley, tastefully distilled in pot stills resulting in a deep and rich flavor profile that allows the malt to shine. We then use the finest natural ingredients available: Mediterranean juniper, citrus, spice and selected botanicals. Seasonal offerings from the distillery garden will uniquely influence each small batch that we produce.


A remarkable rye whisky made with an extraordinarily generous amount of our smoked malt. The mash bill is 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Virginia Thoroughbred hand-malted barley—kiln dried with apple wood and cherry wood smoke. 

Double pot-stilled to between 150 and 160 proof and aged with a progressive series of new and used apple wood and oak chips inside used bourbon barrels. Our innovative aging process results in a truly unique rye whisky that is savory and complex with the characteristic Wasmund's finish.



Rick Wasmund and Copper Fox Distillery continue to blaze new trails in the American whisky landscape!

Wasmund's Barrel Kit™ provides a uniquely creative opportunity for the casual or professional mixologist, the creative aspiring chef, or the true whisky connoisseur. Read more...

The kits include:

Two-liter charred American White Oak mini-barrel

Two 750ml bottles of one of our brilliant cask strength (124 proof) spirits: Wasmund’s Single Malt Spirit OR Wasmund’s Rye Spirit

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